TCSE (Tank and Container Survey Europe), is a Third Party Independent Inspection company, providing a full range of Marine ISO Tank and Marine ISO Container inspection services to Tank Leasing, Tank Operators, Shipping Lines, Container Operators, Container Leasing and more.

TCSE incorporated in Singapore in 2013 for the whole Asia Pacific region and is also an affiliate of TCSE BV (Tank and Container Survey Europe BV) in Rotterdam, a leading inspection and re-certification organisation. TCSE BV are also a member of ITCO Organisation.

We also provides New Build Inspections of Marine ISO Tank / Containers, Classification Certifications (Periodical Testing on Marine ISO Tanks), and Inspection on behalf of Insurance Underwriter for Claims purposes, such as FEC / TEC.

To meet the market demand and needs, we are able to offer a Dedicated and Tailored M&R Package services where our customers could focus on their business core activities and outsource the M&R services to us.

With experience staff, inspector, management and appointed representative, we offer a confident service to our customers and offer the best possible services worldwide.



Managing DirectorMr. Jackson Low
Operation & IT ManagerMr. Bryan Low