Mr. Jackson Low
Managing Director – TCSE (Singapore Office)

Mr. Jackson Low is the Managing Director of TCSE Singapore Office since the year 2013 when TCSE Singapore is established. He had served in this industry for nearly three decades.

His experience prior to the current position ranging from being a repairer, In-House Depot surveyors to the independent inspector.

His last held appointment prior to the current appointment was Technical Manager with “International Container & Survey Buro” (ICSB) Singapore who had worked in ICSB Singapore for the past 21 years. He first joined ICSB Singapore as Inspector and had been providing training courses around Asia – Pacific Region countries.

Mr. Rijk Clement
Managing Director – TCSE (Rotterdam Office)

Mr. Rijk Clement is the founder of TCSE and the Managing Director of TCSE (Rotterdam Office) since the year 2010 when TCSE is founded. He had served in various industry ranging from Oil Industry, Container Industry and more.

Prior to founding TCSE, in the Year 1985, Mr. Rijk Clement joined “International Container & Survey Buro” (ICSB) as Inspector. He was appointed as Managing Director for ICSB from the Year 2003 to 2010, where in the Year 2010, ICSB decided to Stop all activities in the Europe region.